SOLD This is a lovely restored black mantel clock from 1908 made by the Sessions Clock Company in Connecticut USA. These early models were characterised by having good proportions and style which makes them desirable today. The case is 45cm long and 27cm high. We have completely restored the case to as near to its original condition as possible, restoring and polishing the black timber case, redoing the ornaments the correct colour and polishing and lacquering the bezel. The case back is a replacement made in the correct style. Our aim with all these clocks is to make them look good again but keep as much originality as possible.
The clock movement has been fully overhauled and rebushed with new mainsprings put in. It will run for a week and strike the hours on a gong and the half hour on a bell. It keeps good time. the clock will come with the correct double ended key and pendulum as well as a catalogue entry and information for this clock and also setup instructions.