About Timewise Clocks

We are Bob and Pat Davis who have been involved in the antique clock business for many years, both in retail and repair and restoration. We now work from our home providing antique clock repair services and we also have a number of Clocks For Sale. We perform high quality antique clock restorations on site in our specialised workshop. Please contact us if you would like a free and without obligation quote for the repair or restoration of your clock. Have a look at our Restoration Services for further details about the restoration services we provide.For more than fifteen years Bob has been a member of the North American Watch and Clock Collectors Inc, The Australian Antique Horological Society and Chapter 72 NAWCC Sydney. These are all key organisations in the antique clock industry, promoting and developing ongoing expertise in the repair, restoration and history of antique clocks.

Bob has always enjoyed doing a full restoration of an old clock because each restoration requires the application of the full range of clockmaking skills and also those skills of research and analysis. Have a look at Bobs Projects to view some of Bobs recent restoration projects.

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