Here is a cute French crystal regulator of excellent proportions with champleve on the top and bottom of the case, around the dial and on the pendulum.  The colours on the champleve  complement the lovely floral dial with fleur de lis hands.  All the glasses are undamaged and feature nicely bevelled edges which add to the appeal. The clock movement has been fully overhauled by us and runs for a week on a winding, striking once at the half hour and then counting the hours at twelve on a gong. The pendulum has had the original mercury filled tubes replaced with metal inserts in glass tubes to replicate the originals. This clock stands 25cm high and is 15cm wide. The brass case has been polished and lacquered so no tarnishing is expected for years.

This is a very pretty, decorative clock made with typical French panache, eye catching yet elegant and suitable for a prime position on a mantel or on a nice piece of furniture. This clock comes with set up instructions and correct double ended key.