SOLD This French carriage clock was made about 1890 and has the features of Grande and Petite Sonnerie striking, quite a rare feature and found in carriage clocks of better quality.

The case is in the Corniche style and has been polished and lacquered and all the bevelled glasses are excellent. The clock stands 18cm high handle up and is 9.5cm wide. The eight day movement has been overhauled by us, has a nice silvered platform escapement and keeps good time. The clock dial is in perfect condition with original moon hands.  This clock also has an alarm function with the setting dial on the front.  Comes with correct size double ended key.

On grande sonnerie the clock will strike the hours at quarter past followed by a single bim bam. At half past the hours will be struck again followed by two bim bams. At quarter to the hour the same number of hours will be struck followed by three bim bams. At the hour only the hours will be struck.

On petite sonnerie the clock will do the bim bams as for grande sonnerie at the quarters but no hours will be struck. At the hour only the hours will be struck.

There is a lever below the clock to select grande or petite sonnerie and also an off position for no striking at all.