This small lantern clock was intended for use when travelling in the 1700s. It would have been used by the owner in his inn room to ensure he woke in time to catch the morning coach.

It’s a small clock just 23cm high , 10cm deep and with a 10cm dial. It is a single handed clock, well made and with an alarm function, set by rotating the dial in the centre. This clock has been fully restored and all functions work properly and the clock keeps time. It is made in traditional French style with cartouche numerals set in a cast brass dial. The figure above the dial is a satyr, a traditional figure used to keep evil away in an era when superstitions were still important and when travelling was risky.

The clock movement has its original verge escapement with rear mounted bob pendulum and runs for thirty hours. The clock would have had a travelling case (long gone) and the weights are replacements made in the style typical of the era.