Restoration services

Bob and Pat specialise in the restoration of old and antique clocks, both the movements and the cases. We do not do quick fixes, cheap repairs or take short cuts. These always come back to haunt both the repairer and the customer. After repair we expect your clock to have years of troublefree operation.

We need to see the clock before giving a quote on the repair and while we prefer to see the clock in person to do this we also understand that for people not in Adelaide sending photos may be the best way to obtain an estimate.

The Workshop

The workshop showing some of our recent restorations and repairs.


Workshop Workshop
Workshop Workshop
Workshop Workshop
Workshop Workshop

Clock Movement Restoration

Every clock movement we restore is stripped down completely then cleaned and inspected for wear or damage. We rebush worn pivot holes, polish pivots and replace worn or damaged parts including mainsprings. We run the assembled movement in a test stand and check its operation before the movement is put back into the case. We can also manufacture parts for clocks if they are unavailable elsewhere or can’t be repaired. We can cut new wheels and re-pivot arbors as well as make new clicks and various other levers and components.

Clock Case Restoration

All our case restoration work is done in sympathy with the age of the clock. This means that we try not to make the clock look brand new again but rather to make it look as if it’s in fine condition for its age. When restoring antique clock cases we can do the following:

  • Repair of marble, wooden and cast iron cases
  • French polishing and colouring
  • Spelter statue repair and recolouring
  • Brass case polishing and lacquering
  • Replacement of round and rectangular bevelled glass for bezels, carriage clocks etc.
  • Dial repair, repainting and resilvering.
  • Turning replacement wooden finials.

Here are some clocks showing our before and after restoration.


Here’s a French mantel clock, made with typical French panache showing the world and the night sky attended by two cherubs, now gloriously restored. Fabulous dragon hands.




This is an Ansonia King clock, one of their quality parlor clocks, made in American walnut.

KingClock KingClock



This is my French lantern clock, the restoration of which I describe elsewhere. I love it. Quirky, noisy and only thirty hour but a real joy to restore to its former glory.

LanternClock LanternClock



This is a Cherub clock. Repainted and regilded back to its original magnificence.

Cherub Cherub



Here’s a statue from a French mystery swinger clock restored by us. A beautiful and graceful statue clock deserving a full restoration. The statue needed restoration of the finish and had a broken arm and midriff cracks as a result of a fall. The primer coat of paint shows where the damage was repaired with solder and then finished back to a smooth surface.

Swinger Swinger Swinger Swinger



This is another statue where the broken arm was reattached by soldering and recoloured to match the existing finish. The secret is to minimise damage to the existing finish when soldering so subsequent colouring is less obvious.

Joan Joan



Here’s an eight bell, four gong English mahogany bracket clock. We have repolished the case, regilded the ornaments and resilvered the dials. Fabulous Victorian extravagance at its best.

EnglishBracketClock EnglishBracketClock